Top 5 Toxic Colleagues

August 28, 2015 - 12:28:28 PM
Top 5 Toxic Colleagues

A recent survey has shown that the pace of hiring in Singapore is expected to slow down in the first quarter of 2013. That is probably bad news for AWS and bonus watchers who can’t wait to shove their resignation letter to their HR department.

But if you are seeing these kinds of people in the office right now, you better start making plans, slow down or not. Or at least learn to identify the tell-tale signs of the five most poisonous personality types—and be sure to keep your (at least emotional) distance.

The Bad Influence

Otherwise known as The Indian Chief, they are also probably your most fun co-workers. The extended smoke breaks, the 2 hours lunches and ganging up against a newbie because, gasps!, she happens to use the same lipstick colour. Problem is those bad habits rub off. So enjoy her company, but be wary of her leaving-early-coming-late attitude.

The Whiner

This is the work buddy that lives on negative energy. They drag their feet to work and make damn sure everyone in the room hears it. They may be the most hazardous to your career and your mental health. Such co-workers will take you down a path of negativity and the next thing you know, you rather take rat poison than come to work. Worse, management could get wind of your bitching and your reputation could suffer. Better a lost friendship than a lost job.

The Princess

They are your colleague who always needs to be rescued or call in sick on the day of a big meeting without so much as sending you an email heads-up. You wonder how they even lived that long given their inability to even do a simple task like filings. They suck up your time and leave you feeling bitter and taken advantage of. Avoid such partnership at ALL costs. At the very least, enforce strict daily deadlines so you’re never left in the lurch. Better to be the productivity police than be Simon Cowelled for being unprepared at the biggest meeting of your career.

The Narcissist

Another major time suck, their morning routine consists of going around boasting about the 99 roses she received from her boyfriend every day. Or how she thinks that every guy who walks past her is her secret admirer. Enjoy her elaborate stories and know she’s probably not going to ask how you’re doing in return. Just don’t give her the chance to steal your credits at the office.

The Wheelbarrow

As the name goes, you always have to be behind him/her, lift them up and push them along and I mean every step of the way. Once no pressure is exerted or watchful eyes are directed on them, they are as useful as paint getting dried on the wall. A lot of effort is needed to get them working and they are only as good as your last push with them