Why Us?

We know your Industry

Nobody knows the in’s and out’s of your professional field like we do. Well-versed in the technical and personal requirements for the roles you’re applying for, we’ll give you an accurate evaluation of your skills and experience, and where you should be headed.

We're Chummy

Especially with industry-leading businesses. This means we’re able to ‘float’ your resume to new areas in key organisations, which may result in offerings for jobs that don’t even exist yet. You’ll discover the future – literally.

Right Pay

With in-depth knowledge of the kind of salary you can expect from your new role, we can advise on how to secure higher wages. We’ll even handle the pay and contract negotiations for you, so you – and your career – gain an edge.

Actively Proactive

Having constant contact with employers mean you’ll be the first to know if your dream job has just opened up. We regularly check well in advance on available roles for you before they are even advertised. Talk about first dibs.