5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Career in Recruitment

October 7, 2019 - 03:46:00 PM
5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Career in Recruitment

Are you planning to pursue a career in recruitment? Well, it’s not as easy as you think. With so many recruiters and headhunters out there, you have to be able to establish yourself above them, if not at least at par with them. It’s best to get yourself ready and have a strategy in mind. To help you, here are 5 great tips that will help you get started.

1. Shadow a recruiter. No successful recruiter has it overnight. It comes with a lot of experiences, hard falls and triumphs. Even if you’re thinking of flying solo, it’s best to learn the basics first. You can start your own after that stint. You’ll learn so much – screening candidates, rifling through resumes, phone interviews, client and candidate interviews. You’ll pick up hints and telltale signs of what’s to come. There are just some things that are best experienced.

2. Be ready to play the game. It’s a tough world out there. It’s never one dimensional. You have to pick through your candidates, ensure that they’re fit for the job and even convince them that it’s the best for them. Not only that, you have to convince your clients that you have the perfect candidate for them. There’s a push and pull game either way and you have to know what works best for you while showing both parties that you’re thinking what’s best for them.

3. Market yourself. You have to brand yourself. Create a good profile. Let them believe in your potential. That’s the greatest challenge for all recruiters out there. You’re not just a face that provides candidates to fill in the positions of organizations. You are the person they have to turn to when they need help. You have to be the go-to person. That’s the only way you can make a name for yourself, long after you leave the agencies.

4. Be connected. Connections are crucial. It’ll be your lifeline. Use networking sites as much as possible. Join and connect via LinkedIn. Be sure to start as early as now. It’s never an easy feat. You have to maintain good connections, not idle ones. Contact them once in a while. It’ll help you get candidates, clients and a good lead that will open doors for you towards more opportunities.

5. Be prepared to put your neck in the line. If the situation calls for it, put your job on the line or your reputation. If that’s the only way for your clients to believe you, do it. Even though it’s just a bluff. They will fall for it. The fact that you’re willing to risk everything means that you’re confident about it. You’re committed to the task. They will surely spare a few minutes of your time to meet that candidate.