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Top 5 Toxic Colleagues

August 28, 2015 - 12:28:28 PM

A recent survey has shown that the pace of hiring in Singapore is expected to slow down in the first quarter of 2013. That is probably bad news for AWS and bonus watchers who can’t wait to shove their resignation letter to their HR department. But if you are seeing these kinds of people in the office right now, you better start making plans, slow down or not. Or at least learn to identify the tell-tale signs of the five most poisonous personality types—and be sure to keep your (at least emotional) distance. The Bad Influence Otherwise known as The Indian Chief, they are also probably your most fun co-workers. The extended smoke breaks, the 2 hours lunches and ganging up against a newbie because, gasps!, she happens to use the same lipstick colour. Problem is those bad habits rub

I want Genghis Khan to be my BOSS

August 28, 2015 - 12:23:58 PM

Not too long ago, we done this Consultancy project for a Singapore SME to help his company address their high attrition rate and I posed this question to the boss: “Will you consider Genghis Khan as your CEO or CHRO?” the immediate reaction was “No Way!” So, I asked the next question: “How can he be the conqueror of the biggest empire ever established, of nearly 12-million square miles, had he not been a great boss?” So he pondered for a while and agreed: “You are right, he cannot be the best conqueror without being a good CEO or CHRO as his conquest are achieved through people” Exactly, he might be a bloodthirsty and ruthless 13th century dictator with a taste for world domination but he had eyes for talents, embrace change, a capacity to lead, inspire and motivate, driven