Top 3 Interview Strategies

October 7, 2019 - 03:51:00 PM
Top 3 Interview Strategies

According to the reports of the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore total employment in the country increased by 112,500 during 2010. Furthermore, the total employment level till December 2010 was estimated to be 3,102,500, out of which 1,990,700 were locals and the rest 1,111,800 were foreigners. With the increased competition in the current job market, following some successful interview strategies can prove to be a boon.

Interview Strategies: Your Gateway to Success
Here are the top three interview strategies that can set you apart from the other job seekers:

Do Your Homework: Once you receive an interview call from a company, research and collect some information about it. Going to an interview being well informed about the company will give you an extra edge over the other candidates. Learn about the company’s mission, vision, past performance, current status, future plans, the services or products they deal in and their clientele. Additionally, you can attempt to familiarize yourself with the current developments and trends of the industry.

First Impression: Remember that the interviewer knows nothing about you. The way you present yourself will give him an idea about your personality and traits. Therefore, greet the interviewer with a warm smile and a firm handshake. Maintain an eye contact while talking to him. Maintaining a proper body language during the interview is also very important. Avoid slouching or giving a sunken look. Try to sit up straight, look enthusiastic and speak eloquently.

Remember that your external appearance matters a lot. Try to appear refreshed and well groomed. Wearing formal attire is recommended. Avoid wearing flashy colors, heavy jewelry and makeup.

Highlight strengths: Try to communicate your skills to the interviewer in a clear and precise manner. Highlight your strong points and mention how the organization will benefit by hiring you.

Although the aforementioned ones are the most important interview strategies, there are few more tips that you should keep in mind. Do not to panic, if the interviewer asks something that you are not aware of take a minute or two to think of an answer and reply confidently. This may enable you to impress the interviewer, even if your answer is inaccurate.

Ask relevant questions to the interviewer. This will give the impression that you are genuinely interested in the company and the job. You can ask him questions regarding responsibilities associated with the position, working hours and company culture and give him a positive feedback or two that you gathered from an ex-employee.

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