Singapore: Relocating and Finding Your Dream Job

October 7, 2019 - 03:25:00 PM
Singapore: Relocating and Finding Your Dream Job

Singapore is one of the most preferred destinations around the world for seeking employment, and that is the reason why you will see so many people of different nationalities working here. People of other nationalities in Singapore include Indians, Chinese, Malaysians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. There are also substantial number of people from Europe and the Americas working here, making it the meeting point of western and eastern cultures.

Unity in Diversity

At least 20% of Singapore’s residents are believed to be foreigners. The population of Singapore is under 5 million and includes ethnic groups from India and China, and Malays. What makes Singapore most livable is its unity in spite of its diversity. It has a sound governance system and it citizens are law abiding. Literacy rate is 100% in Singapore. The working population is recognized for its high level of competence in most sectors. The city state is clean and well administered.

Robust Economy

Singapore has a dynamic economy. More than 7,000 multinational companies have a presence here. Working conditions in Singapore are among the best in the world, and salary levels very reasonable, and that is what makes it the preferred destination for many people who look for a well-paid job. Singapore has a very liberal policy towards it immigrants from all parts of the world. If you have the requisite professional qualifications or skills set, Singapore is the place for people like you who want a satisfying job.

Multi-Industry Portfolio

Singapore has demands for employees in practically all sectors – shipping & maritime operations, airlines, hospitality, software, education, restaurants business, oil & gas and healthcare are some of the better known industries in which you can find ready employment, though you will find opportunities in other sectors as well.

Employment Rules & Regulations

To work in Singapore, you will have to obtain a Work-pass issued by the Singapore Government. There are different types of work passes each specific to a particular profession or job type covering – professionals, semi-skilled workers, skilled workers, short-term passes, student & foreigner passes and long-term visitor passes. Depending upon which one of these categories you fall, you will be required to obtain an appropriate pass from the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore.

Singapore follows an elaborate of system of issuing work passes, and the right person to apply for the pass on your behalf is your employer. You are eligible to take along your spouse and your children, and any dependants when you go to work in Singapore, but you should ensure that they meet local law requirements. Dependants are broadly classified as those below the age of 21 years, though relaxation is allowed under some situations. Work passes are issued for a definite period based on your contracted period of employment. Overstaying, using forged documents, withholding critical information can annul your work pass.

Living Conditions

Living in Singapore can be really enthralling and will definitely give your family a rich experience. In spite of its limited extent of territory, there are a vast number of places you can visit during your stay in Singapore. Popular entertainments include visits to the bar, cinemas, shopping malls, restaurant (multiple cuisines), antique shops, museums and parks. Travelling around Singapore is real pleasure, and you will find the public transport system really comfortable.

If you prefer, you can choose to have a car or buy a motorcycle. Roads are generally wide and safe for most people. The police in Singapore don’t take kindly to traffic violations. You will be required to hold an appropriate driving license issued by the transport department to drive your vehicle yourself.

Singapore has excellent schooling & college facilities, so educating your children should not really pose a problem to your family. Being a multi-culture society, your children will be able to blend well within the Singaporean society. You will be able to learn a lot from the society and contribute to its development as well.

Help for Finding Jobs

If you are someone living abroad and wish to take up a job in Singapore, you should approach an employment agency of repute. Usually there is a big demand for workers in Singapore because of its booming economy. Job consultancy service providers will be able to advice you on all aspects concerning you placement, securing a contract, applying for visa and getting a work pass, and generally help you in relocating in Singapore.

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