Advantages of Using Employment Agencies for Young Job Seekers

October 7, 2019 - 03:29:00 PM
Advantages of Using Employment Agencies for Young Job Seekers

The first thing that most young men and women do after completing a graduation course is search for a job. As a young man or woman, you have unfettered freedom unless your family is placing restrictions on you. That means you get the freedom to work anywhere around the world. Countries like Singapore, the middle-east, and Abu Dhabi offer immense opportunities you may never have known. This freedom is not yours after you marry – your commitments and responsibilities multiply by that time, because you will have to consider your spouse’s inclinations, his/her career and your kids’ education as well. This is potentially restricting.

Flexibility a Major Advantage when You are Young

Most education is suited to multiple options when you are young. The advantages are-

Employers prefer young men and women working for them
You can easily adapt to most living & working conditions in new environment
Learn a trade easily and not be fettered by your past experiences or choices
You have high energy levels making you fit for traveling jobs
You can opt to be trained in new skills and trades
You can switch jobs as many times as your want
The list of advantages and opportunities for young men and women are almost limitless, because the whole word is theirs, and if you are planning to migrate to a country you have always dreamt, then, this is the time to do it.

However, you should be careful about the job and the country where you choose to work. It is not uncommon for young people to be locked into a profession for which they were not made. Though a sky-high salary and great perks is what drives many people towards a particular job or industry, research and other indicators say that job satisfaction is what matters during midlife and beyond. When job satisfaction is there, employees seldom will feel the need for a change of employer or profession – both of which have a debilitating effect on the employees’ minds.

Counseling is Important for Young Job Seekers

When you are young, any job will look great and you are likely to fall for one of them thoughtlessly – traveling for example may be a great attraction in the beginning, but there are many people past their prime age who regret having chosen a profession in tourism & travel, though this is not always the case with everybody. Self assessment does work to make the right choice, but a better way to do it is to consult a professional counselor or an employment agency.

Here is how a professional job counselor can help you with deciding your dream job.

Help to identify professions that have potential to grow in the immediate future
Advice you on working conditions and the time you need to devout for the job
Advice you on current salary level and projection for the immediate future
Identify opportunities within and outside your country of domicile
The final recommendation comes after you are subjected to several tests for aptitude and psychological analysis. They will also be able to tell you about any training that you may require for a particular profession.

Employment Agencies – The Big Advantage

Though professional counseling works, job seekers these days use the services of employment agencies to achieve their objectives. Most job consultancy agencies, as they are sometimes called, employ a professional counselor as part of their workforce. They also maintain databases consisting of job opportunities available with various businesses. It is advantageous to use their services, because they won’t charge you separately for counseling services.